Cultural In-Lake Hill With three sides surrounded by water, In-Lake Hill looks like a leaf and stretches to the lake. Standing on the hill and by the lake, Deze Pavilion has kept the masterpiece Homesick Song by Meng Jiao, who was a poet of the Tang Dynasty and the county magistrate in Liyang at that time. It has become a story on everybody’s lips...more>>
    Elegance of Bamboo Tianmu Lake Nanshan Bamboo Sea Scenic Spot enjoys the good reputation of “heavenly Nanshan Mountain, surreal bamboo sea”. 35,000 mu of bamboo sea is vastly distributed in the rolling hills. The Bamboo Culture Museum reveals the majestic momentum of the bamboo sea and long-standing history of the bamboo culture. ...more>>
    Beside the Imperial Scenery Tianmu Lake Yushui Hot Spring is located in Tianmu Lake Nanshan Bamboo Sea Scenic Spot, which is the junction of the three provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui. The boundless bamboo sea brings up a natural oxygen bar, the beautiful mountains form an excellent protective screen, the open-air bathing pools are near the mountain ...大洋时时彩票在线客服
    Tianmu Lake Water Park, being located in Jiangsu Liyang Class 5A Tianmu Lake Landscape Garden, is sun-proof and near mountains and by rivers,? which is an unique water park close to the lake and with natural landscape in Eastern China. It can be said to a ecological water park in Asia. ...more>>
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